B2B login steps

Welcome to our B2B login step-by-step page, where we aim to guide and inspire you through various processes with clear and concise instructions. This page is designed to provide you with easy-to-follow steps that will help you accomplish your goals.

 Step 1: Find the "B2B Login" button on the menu part, once you clicked in. Click create an account on the bottom.

Step 2:  After creating, go to the "Company" and confirm your information, make sure they are correct.

Step 3: After confirming, you can request to create a company profile to start buying from the store.

To request to create a new profile, click "Request to create company" button.

A form will show up, you should enter the information that matches your company. After filling in all the information needed, click "Send request" to send it to us.
Note: You can edit your company information in the request if needed.

Step 4: After being approved, you can start creating new roles, adding more members, and placing company orders.

We recommend you create the necessary roles first.
To create a new role, go to "Company Accounts" and click "Company roles" section.

By default, there are 2 roles:

  • Manager: The manager will have this role with full permission
  • Default: The default role with no permission, members with this role only can create company orders.

To create a new role, click Add new role button.

A role has a name and a list of permissions. You can select what a member can do if he/she has the role. There are 3 kinds of permissions:

  • Manage company orders: Members with this role can edit and delete company orders
  • Manage roles: Members with this role can create, edit, and delete roles
  • Manage members: Members with this role can invite, and remove members from the company

After a role is created, it can be edited or removed.


To add a new member to the company, you should click Invite new member, a modal will appear for you to fill in the information.
You should enter the member's email correctly and select the role to assign to the member then you should click Send Invite to send the request to the member.

 Then, the invited member can go to Portal to approve the request

After approval, the member will be listed in Company members section with the role selected.


As the Member :

When the company finish setting up their organization on the portal, they can start placing orders from the store.

To place an order, you - as a member, should do the following steps:
Step 1: To create a company order, a member should add items to cart as usual.
Step 2:  On the cart page, there'll be a button named Share cart. Click on it to share the current cart as a company order.
After clicking, you will be redirected to the portal to confirm the shared order. You can also add notes and choose to clear the cart after sharing here.
Then, the order will be listed in the Company Orders and My Orders sections.
Note:  Any members of the company who has the permission of Manage company orders can also view and edit order status.
Step 3: To complete the order, first, the member should Apply to order to the cart by clicking on Apply to cart button. The items of the order will be added to your cart. You should go to cart and checkout as normal.
After finishing the order, go back to the company order and mark it as paid by clicking Mark as Paid.